Boutique Bazaar: 20 years in Cadaqués


Bazaar is a women’s clothing boutique. We started our journey in the world of fashion in summer 1998 in Cadaqués. And, on this site, it could not be otherwise or at another time. Summer, a time of light and joy. The time to go for a walk and show off your style.

That’s where we came in. At your side, with your fashion, dressing and helping you to enhance that characteristic, personal and unique taste that we all have inside.

And we want to continue by your side, when the light goes out and autumn arrives with its romanticism and winter with its cold. Dressing and helping you to enhance your personal style for many more years.


Exclusive, modern and casual clothing and accessories. Cheerful, colorful, sometimes cheeky and irreverent. Always chic With romantic touches, sometimes bohemian and other times underground. But always different.

Thanks to that marked difference we can make you feel unique. And, besides being unique, of course, very feminine.